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Patellar tendonitis, also known as jumper’s knee, is a common overuse injury characterized by inflammation or degeneration of the patellar tendon, which connects the kneecap (patella) to the shinbone (tibia). This condition often occurs due to repetitive stress on the patellar tendon, such as jumping, running, or activities that involve frequent bending of the knee. Patellar tendonitis typically causes pain, tenderness, and swelling in the front of the knee, particularly just below the kneecap, making it challenging to engage in physical activities. At Empire Orthopaedic and Pain Management Specialists, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of patellar tendonitis, offering comprehensive care to alleviate symptoms and promote healing.

When you experience patellar tendonitis, it can significantly impact your ability to participate in sports or activities that involve jumping or running, leading to functional limitations and decreased performance. Our team of orthopedic specialists begins the evaluation process with a thorough assessment of your medical history, followed by a physical examination and may utilize imaging studies such as X-rays or MRI to assess the extent of tendon damage and rule out other potential causes of your symptoms.

Treatment options for patellar tendonitis at Empire Orthopaedic and Pain Management Specialists may include:

  • Rest and activity modification: We may recommend temporary cessation or modification of activities that exacerbate symptoms, such as jumping or running, to allow the patellar tendon to rest and heal.
  • Ice or heat therapy: Applying ice packs or heat packs to the affected area can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with patellar tendonitis, providing symptomatic relief.
  • Physical therapy: Our experienced physical therapists design specialized rehabilitation programs focused on stretching, strengthening, and eccentric exercises to improve flexibility, muscle strength, and tendon integrity, promoting healing and preventing recurrence of patellar tendonitis.
  • Orthotics: We offer custom orthotic devices or knee braces to provide support and reduce stress on the patellar tendon during physical activities, promoting healing and alleviating symptoms.
  • Regenerative medicine: We may utilize innovative treatments such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy or stem cell injections to stimulate tissue healing and repair in the damaged patellar tendon, promoting natural regeneration and improving outcomes for chronic or severe cases of patellar tendonitis.
  • Minimally invasive procedures: In cases of persistent or severe patellar tendonitis that does not respond to conservative treatments, we may offer minimally invasive procedures such as ultrasound-guided injections or percutaneous needle tenotomy to provide targeted pain relief and promote healing.

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